Mole Removal - Necessary?

The overwhelming majority of people will develop a mole or two throughout their lifetime. In fact, most people generally have between ten and forty moles on their body by adulthood. Most of these moles are benign and generally cause little discomfort. However, some moles may be unsightly or cause irritation, and others can even be dangerous. Having your mole removed may not be entirely risk or pain free, so here are some hints to help you decide on a course of action: [Read More]

Can A Pediatric Dentist Help With Dental Anxiety?

The trip to the dentist is often the most dreaded trip for a large number of children. In some cases, the dental anxiety in a child is so severe that parents let their emotions get in the way  and end up rescheduling or cancelling the dentist's appointment. As part of their training, pediatric dental practitioners are taught how to deal with patients with dental anxiety. This article discusses various ways through which this is done for the benefit of concerned parents. [Read More]