Are You Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss?

Sudden hearing loss can occur without any obvious cause and it can be a worrying experience that some sufferers find it difficult to acknowledge and seek help for. This type of hearing loss tends to affect one ear and can present as full or partial hearing loss. It may be easy to initially brush sudden hearing loss off as an ear or sinus infection, but it's best not to self-diagnose. In some cases, this type of hearing loss can cause permanent damage to the auditory nerve when left untreated, so it's important to have the affected ear examined as soon as you notice a change in your hearing. [Read More]

Top Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapists are trained in treating athletes who are susceptible to injuries because of their sporting activities. Sports physiotherapy sessions provide training plans to help improve performance, treat injuries and help athletes relax after high-intensity sporting activities. Here is an in-depth look at some of the benefits of sports physio sessions. Improve Performance All sporting activities require physical strength. This is the reason athletes make a lot of effort to keep their bodies strong. [Read More]

Genetic Screening and Pregnancy

It is important to note that there is a difference between genetic screening and genetic testing. Genetic screening is carried out to determine whether a person is at risk of suffering from a particular condition, while genetic testing is done to determine whether the condition is present or not. A good example is when you have genetic screening done to check for a particular gene that causes a particular condition. If the gene is present, genetic testing is done to check whether you have the condition or not. [Read More]

3 Reassuring Things To Know If You've Just Been Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

Being given a cancer diagnosis is one of the most terrifying events most people will experience in their lifetime. Even if you know that medical science is continually improving the treatment and increasing the survival rates for cancer sufferers, it's will still come as a life-altering shock. If you've recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, then you may be feeling overwhelmed, frightened and a grave uncertainty about the future. Fortunately, as far as cancers go, thyroid cancer is a diagnosis that you should be relatively relieved to receive in comparison to many other cancers. [Read More]