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Mole Removal - Necessary?

The overwhelming majority of people will develop a mole or two throughout their lifetime. In fact, most people generally have between ten and forty moles on their body by adulthood. Most of these moles are benign and generally cause little discomfort. However, some moles may be unsightly or cause irritation, and others can even be dangerous. Having your mole removed may not be entirely risk or pain free, so here are some hints to help you decide on a course of action:

What does it look like?

Common moles are typically uniform in color, barely raised and symmetrical. They are not considered dangerous, although in very rare cases they may progress into cancerous melanoma. If a mole changes height, color or shape, or if it starts to bleed or ooze, then you should consult a doctor. They will be able to advise you on whether or not the mole is likely to be dangerous and will take a sample of any unusual moles for testing. Generally, a doctor will not advise removal of common moles, as they are unlikely to progress into cancer. They will, however, advise the removal of more conspicuous-looking growths. 

Where is it? 

Many people dislike their moles because they see them as imperfections that detract from their overall appearance. For this reason the placement of your mole might play into your decision about removing it. A mole on the face could be seen as a beauty spot to some and an unsightly blemish to others. If you have moles that are affecting your self esteem, you might consider having them removed for cosmetic purposes. But remember that scarring is unavoidable in the process of mole removal, so if you're undertaking the procedure for cosmetic reasons, take the time to look into ways to reduce the scarring.

How does it affect me? 

Moles can appear almost anywhere on the body, so it's very likely that the majority of your moles don't impact your day-to-day appearance that much. However, even a mole that is harmless and rarely seen can create issues. Because moles can be raised, you might find that they catch or rub uncomfortably on some of your clothing. This may be particularly irritating if your mole appears in a sensitive area. If your moles are causing you pain and irritation, then it is worth seeing a doctor like those at the Sun Patrol Skin Cancer Clinic Pty Ltd to discuss your removal options with them.